Our Team can be described as a methodical/meticulous with there approach to planning, organizing, leading and controlling a project from beginning to final hand over.

Our Construction management is a specific subcategory that we do as Project Managers related specifically to the construction industry. It typically involves the same project management interventions/principals, regardless of type of construction project or size.

This process is carried out by a (construction manager), or better yet a construction project managers.

Our Project managers are mainly responsible for distributing project information between the construction professionals involved in a project. They also keep the business leaders or project clients informed on the progress of their project. This careful management of a construction team and the link to the project manager has with the client helps to decrease confusion and increase accuracy during the construction process.

Our project managers are also responsible for determining what happens when and in what order. In turn, they help to make the construction process run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. They also make sure that all construction activities happen within the stipulated timeframe and in budget. Our project managers will achieve this by carefully assessing and planning each task in the construction process, and he/she is also responsible for solving all problems that may hinder the project’s completion time or cause it to exceed its budgetary limits and report this back immediately.


Project conception and initiation

During this phase, the feasibility study of the project involved is carefully examined to determine if it can be realistically completed. This phase is crucial in the sense that, during the execution thereof, the most important base decisions concerning the project is made.

Project planning and definition

During this phase, the project scope, plan and/or charter will be put in writing, outlining the work that is to be completed. This phase also includes a professional team effort in calculating a budget, prioritising steps that will be taken during the project and making decisions regarding the resources needed for the project at hand.

Execution and construction

During the third phase of project management, a team is assembled and informed of their responsibilities regarding the specific project, where after construction will begin. Once all contractual documentation and appointments of professional teams are concluded.

Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling systems

Here, construction project managers will undertake to compare the actual status and progress of the project to the plan that was set out in the beginning. Project managers will also ensure that contractors and subcontractors perform their duties as planned in this time. During this phase, project schedules are often adjusted to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

Closure of the project

Once a project has been completed, the project manager will have the project be approved by the client or client through a happy letter process. As soon as the project has been approved, the project manager will continue to evaluate the success thereof and hand it over to the client

Senior Project Manager Aristides Cristallides

Spartanz Construction chief construction project manager, Aristides Cristallides has been in the construction project management industry for over 12 years.  He has worked as a Professional Project Manager and acted as Principal Agent on numerous JBCC building contracts. Aristides excels in value engineering with specific reference to materials and methods, and is a seasoned professional in his field. The Cristallides family has a proud history in construction dating back more than 40 years, with Aristides 2nd generation of experienced professionals in the family in the Construction and property development industry.


Aristides extensive experience as a construction project manager has led him to become one of the seasoned younger generation Project Construction Manager.

In the past, Aristides has proven himself to be an invaluable partner in all of his client’s construction projects,